[WIP] - For now, I’m collecting notes from places and people I often visit. I’ll summarize them into an article eventually.

Fruit juice shop near my apartment (Singapore)

Frequency: 3 times / week

  • Knows I always order sugarcane with 2 lime slices; $3
  • Sometimes calls me sugarcane
  • Cracks a joke if I order anything else (no sugarcane today? no lemon for your milkshake?)
  • Observes my outfit and notes if I appear to be late for work etc
  • Observes if I haven’t shown up for a while
  • If I have an occasional extra request (e.g ginger), offers it free (and mentions that clearly)
  • Occasionally shares updates (signed up on Grab Food, business orders). Shares it on friendship basis … not to get me to try it
  • I asked for ginger in a drink once. He checked 3 times to make sure I wanted that, as it seemed an odd combination. Asked me the next time if I liked the ginger (I didn’t). Since then, even if I asked for a drink with ginger in the recipe, he checks if I’d like to exclude it.